Harper James Design is a full-service residential design studio and home decor shop helping clients find the best look and feel for their ever changing home. The result of our work is a home that is functional, authentic and one of a kind. 



Born and raised in California, Michelle Chandler has a style that is laid back, soulful and unexpected. With a refined creative perspective and a natural instinct for building amazing interiors, she is always looking for projects that inspire and challenge her.   

Having spent the entirety of her 10 year design career in Los Angeles and Orange County, she is heavily influenced by California fashion, culture and emotion. She brings a touch of bohemian cool into all of her projects, creating a style that is eclectic, layered and ever evolving.



While sourcing for interiors projects and clients over the years, Michelle began to notice a need for a new kind of interior decor shop. One that brought trending designer style to her community with an air of ease and comfort. A shop filled with one of a kind pieces curated with a professional eye,  but made easy to purchase, and simple to style.

The shops exclusive look comes from mixing old and new, with collections that honor hand made goods by artisans creating beautiful things, we all long to bring home. 

If California hippy-chic, meets masculine edgy-cool is your thing,  Harper James is here.