Flower Child Project is a Birmingham based non-profit designing and building dream bedrooms for children with life threatening illnesses. 

Clara's Story

Clara has a terminal neurological condition called Late Infantile GM1 Gangliosidosis. An inherited disorder that progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. GM1 is a truly devastating disease robbing children of nearly every skill and bodily function required to live.

Through groundbreaking research, there is a cure to GM1 that has recently been proven effective in animal testing. The human gene therapy trial could start late this year and Clara has qualified to be one of the first to receive this potentially life-saving treatment. It is the only hope of saving Clara’s life, as well as many other children suffering from this terrible disease

To learn more about GM1 and Clara's story or to donate to help end GM1 go to 


Clara is 3 years old and full of a bright and energetic spirit, constantly trying to keep up with her older brother whom she adores.  She is such a bright light and her feisty yet friendly demeanor wins over everyone she encounters. You can't help but fall in love with her the minute you meet her. Her bedroom needed to represent all the light and joy she brings into the world.